Conference Topics

2018 ICUSA-AEE encourages the sharing of research and innovation across the following sub-themes as well as directly related to the overall conference theme - the application and research of unmanned system technology in the fields of intelligent agriculture, smart ecology and environment.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

(A) Precision Agriculture
(B) Smart Farming
(C) Environmental Monitoring and Control
(D) Environment Sustainability
(E) Ecological Engineering
(F) Smart City and Transportation
(G) Intelligent Tourism
(H) Smart manufacturing
(I) Unmanned Aircraft Systems
(J)   Ground robots & Vehicles
(K) Surface & underwater explorers
(L) Satellites Systems
(M) Artificial Intelligent
(N) Internet of Things
(O) Data Science
(P) Geoinformation
(Q) Others
(IV1) Green Energy
(IV2) Environmental Science and Technology